How to Avoid Problems When Applying for a Loan

Have you ever found a loan offer that seemed too good to be true? Have you, or someone you know, been the victim of an online loan scam? Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are many heartless people who will not hesitate a moment to take advantage of you. They take advantage of people who are in a vulnerable position. We should all be on the lookout for these kinds of tricks and schemes. In this article, we will teach you how to avoid scams in the online loan industry.

We decided to write this article to prevent loan scams after noticing an increase in fake users on our Facebook page. These scammers frequently try to use our Facebook page comment section to promote fraudulent offers.

Several times a day we are inundated by comments of professional con artists who seek to take advantage of those in need of urgent funding. While this represents an inconvenience for our page managers, these fake offers can also put our readers in a dangerous position.

For this reason, we are obliged to share with all of you this article to thwart the plans of these disgraceful scammers. Read carefully and you will avoid falling prey to these online predators.

Tip #1

Never, never, respond to comments on Facebook from people that «offer» loans. The method they use is the following one: Con artists access financial pages on social networks and post comments in which they offer loans.

You can generally detect them by their spelling errors or their poor translations made with Google Translator, or by their weird names (they often use stolen accounts from people living abroad). You can also detect them when the conditions of their offers seem too good to be true (these include overly-favorable conditions, no required submission of documents, etc.). In short, never reply or contact these people: who would want to give money to a stranger? The answer is evident, so avoid these people at all costs!

Tip #2

Never, never advance money to anyone. If you need funding, it is you who needs to receive money and not the other way around. You can’t imagine the number of messages we receive from people who have been defrauded by this repugnant method. Refuse to pay any sum of money to get a loan!

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a near-desperate situation. You may be tempted to pay a fee to acquire the necessary loan. It’s understandable to examine every funding option available, but we mustn’t succumb to the tricks of these crooks. To avoid this, always refuse to advance any money. Period.

Tip #3

When you apply for a loan, please check the reliability of the lender (and forget about private lenders: they offer dire conditions and they may even resort to violence if you do not pay your debt). We recommend you do a thorough search in Google or any other search engine to see comments from other users. It’s helpful to look for testimonials from those who have already recieved the loan(s) which you are interested in obtaining.

Tip #4

Stay away from any operation involving checks. There have been many cases of loan applicants who have been scammed by the use of fraudulent checks. As a precaution, it’s best to avoid them completely. This is the twenty-first century, and there are much more secure methods for transferring money!

In short, the best advice is to stay alert and use common sense. Do not let the situation of economic need take hold of you. A cool head will be your best ally!

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